Pre-Employment Screening

Are You Conducting Pre-employment Screenings?

Does your company conduct pre-employment screening? If not, you just might be putting your business at risk.

Here areĀ four very important reasons why you should always conduct a pre-employent background check on potential employees.

  1. Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Each year workplace drug and alcohol abuse cost US companies $100 billion. Accidents due to substance abuse can put everyone in your workplace at risk. Often those abusers will have drug arrests and DUI charges on their record which can be found during a routine pre-employment screening.
  2. Resume Fraud Detection: Proper pre-employment screenings can help rule out resume fraud. Resume fraud often occurs when potential employees lie about their education, employment record or their qualifications.
  3. Violent Criminal Offenders: The workplace should be safe for everyone. But having someone with a violent criminal past can put everyone at risk. So to weed out these offenders, you should always conduct a professional background check on everyone that you hire.
  4. It could save you money: If you hire someone that is not qualified for the job, it could cost your business a lot of money. The cost and time it takes to train a new worker could total in the thousands of dollars. If you must let that person go because they are simply not qualified for the job, that money and time will all be wasted.